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BTL EmSculpt


Body Toning, Fat Burning, Muscle Growth

EmSculpt is an innovative body sculpting treatment designed to tone and lift the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs.


This unique procedure aids both men and women in burning fat and building muscle in these challenging areas.


By simultaneously building muscle and reducing fat, our patients achieve a more defined physique with this treatment.


The technology works by delivering highly focused electromagnetic energy to the targeted areas, inducing muscle contractions that are unattainable through regular exercise. These contractions cause the muscles to rebuild and the fat in the treated area to melt away more efficiently.


A single 30-minute abdominal session is equivalent to performing 20,000 crunches, utilising high-intensity electromagnetic energy to increase muscle density and volume while reducing abdominal fat.

Similarly, a 30-minute session for the buttocks equates to 20,000 squats. EmSculpt strengthens and smooths the gluteal muscles without compromising the shape-enhancing fat.

This non-surgical butt lift treatment significantly improves the overall appearance and strength of the buttocks as the muscles grow and thicken.


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