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Restore skin’s strength, suppleness, softness & soothes inflammation, reduces lines and wrinkles.


Give your complexion complete TLC with this nourishing, reparative Restorative Mask treatment. Deeply hydrating, squalane and antioxidants strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, locking in moisture, and defending skin against damaging, aging environmental stressors. Improving suppleness and softness, it smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, treating any rough patches, redness, or inflammation with its healing superfruit complex. Skin feels beautifully conditioned, with a healthy, plumped luminosity.


Perfect for all skin types—especially sensitive.


Key Benefits:

Hydrating: Helps repair and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier to lock in hydration deep within.

Protecting: Antioxidants calm and soothe redness, protecting skin against damaging environmental stressors.

Replenishing: Restores skin’s elasticity, strength, and softness.

Restorative Mask

VAT Included |
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